Celebrating Transgender Kids

IMG_3514Some people wonder why my child Kegan and I celebrate every time we hear that a kid has come out as queer or transgender. It might seem like a crazy thing to celebrate. Why would anybody wish this on their child or themselves? Why are we celebrating something that seems so fraught with pain?

Good questions with a simple answer, living an authentic life and being true to yourself is all that matters. And kids, whether they are 2 or 22, who know who they are and aren’t compelled to submit to peer pressure gives us a reason to celebrate.

When I was a teenager, wearing the wrong colored jeans or having curly hair would cause consternation among my peers. I buckled. It made me rework who I was to fit some sort of cultural norm so that I would be accepted by my peers’ critical eye.

So when a kid has the strength of character to announce to the world that they are transgender or genderqueer and they’re willing to stand up to the ridicule, it shows me that there are members of this generation that make it strong and willing to fight for what is honest and true.

Now that is cause for celebration.



  1. Well said Jill. Looking forward to more blogs! It actually made me stop for a moment and just think. Something I haven’t done in a long time. Keep up the good work

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